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Naughty Boobie RR500

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Boobie snuck into our warehouse and tried to do naughty things with our clear Ride Roll RR500! But we were ready – Boobie was captured right on the crime scene and trapped in the inflatable that she was playing with! Don’t let that naughty girl escape, keep squeezing her into the tightly inflated vinyl!

Meet the fourth collaboration with ThirtyThreeRoomslimited edition Naughty Boobie Ride Roll RR500! It’s our bestselling medium sized inflatable with a special full color kinky print of topless Boobie “squeezed” into the Ride Roll. She loves watching you riding this toy right on her – and we bet that you will love her being under you and making your riding even more exciting!

Got a bit sweaty? No worries – an exclusive towel with the same print comes along with every Naughty Boobie Ride Roll RR500. You’d better not take it to the pool!

This Ride Roll comes in special box designed by TTR. The outer postal box is absolutely discreet.


    SPH included: No
    Inflated size: 152 cm
    PVC thickness: 0.25 mm
    PVC softness: 58pa
    Naughty Boobie RR500
    Naughty Boobie RR500
    Naughty Boobie RR500
    Google Reviews: 4,9/5
    Discreetly packed and delivered



      Discretion is top priority. We will ensure that your package is delivered as discreetly as possible. Don’t worry about boxes printed with the SHOSU mark. Your box contains no references to SHOSU.


      We like our inflatables as soft as possible! If an inflatable needs thicker PVC for extra strength, we add extra softness to compensate for the thicker material.


      Our SPH’s have been improved over the years for maximum pleasure. The softer inner tube gives you that mind blowing sensation. With the dual-action one-way valve you can add pressure by putting in air or add temperature to the SPH by putting in warm water.


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