Welcome to SHOSU Amsterdam. We make unique inflatable products for inflatable enthusiasts.

With years of experience by making inflatables for the festival industry, we started our webshop for inflatable lovers in 2020.

What makes SHOSU Amsterdam unique?

Our mission is to seek for added value within this community, so we try to do either:

  • Make an existing product better, more affordable, and preferably both.
  • Make an entirely new product, which is not yet available. 

Another strong point is that we ask for the opinion and input of the community every year. We will develop the best results of this into new products that will be for sale later that year. With our product developers team, which consists of a number of experienced people, the product is developed down to the last detail.

Who's behind SHOSU Amsterdam?

The team that’s working for SHOSU Amsterdam consist of 3 people that run the webshop, two SHOSU Friends that are responsible for the German translations, a video- & photographer and of course our beautiful models!

Most of us know each other from the festival industry and are happy that we found the possibility to work with each other in a new industry.

What can I expect from SHOSU Amsterdam in the future?

We get a lot of questions like; 'are you going to make dragons, whales, et cetera'? Well, we won’t right now. That’s the playing field of others who are doing a good job as it is. But it doesn’t mean we won’t make any inflatable animals! We are in fact working on a design of an exclusive inflatable ride-on animal that fits our current collection.

This year there will also be a new collection for people with a smaller budget, or people who just love to pop inflatables. And of course later this year the beloved Inflatable Teddy Bear from the Create to Inflate contest will be available.